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No, I used plain @RequestScoped beans.

Actually PrettyFaces converts EVERY path parameter into a query parameter. Named path parameters look like this:

<pattern value="/tool/technique/show/#{ id }" />


<pattern value="/tool/technique/show/#{ id : }" />

In both cases the path parameter will be converted into a query parameter with thane name id.

If you don’t set a name for the path parameter, PrettyFaces will create an internal dummy name for the query parameter (in your example com.ocpsoft.vP_0). Example for an mapping without a name for the path parameter:

<pattern value="/tool/technique/show/#{ }" />

The really weird thing here is that these query parameter should NEVER show up in outbound URLs (i.e. URLs that are rendered to the page or that you are redirected to).

It is really a very strange issue because you are the first one reporting such a problem. I’m also not completely sure if it is PrettyFaces that adds the query parameters to the URL. Maybe CODI does something here?