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Hey guys,

okay after several tests, i removed CODI at least. And, voilá no , “com.ocpsoft.vP_0” -> pretty url. Before this, i removed the EL-Bean variable from pretty-config.


<pattern value=”/tool/technique/show/#{ }” />


<pattern value=”/tool/technique/show/#{ id }” />

which results into an URL like:

Finally, removing CODI isn’t a option for me but anywhat from CODI causes to produce this url like above.

In the copy() method at PathParameter you set the PathParameter Name with this lines:

PathParameter result = new PathParameter();
if (isNamed())

public String getName()
if (!isNamed())
return PATH_PARAM_NAME_PREFIX + getPosition();
return super.getName();

didn’t understand this condition. could you explain it to me.

Are there any known issues with PrettyFaces and CODI ??

Regards, glister.