Re: beginner question regarding “com.ocpsoft.vP_0”

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Hi Christian,

thanks for your quick response. Hm, minimal example is difficult, because it’s a more or less big jee-application. I started to migrate some parts to prettyfaces (SEO links ;) etc). So i would need a good amount of time to generate a mini-project.

To globally disable windowId isn’t a option for me, because 80% of the project is ViewAccessScoped and clientsidehandler is not intended. Only the curious ocpsoft.vP_0 attribute is a little bit annoying.

But okay, at the moment i can live with that. :)

I started to remove some third party libraries like omnifaces or primefaces-extensions. No success :(.

Did disabled all my filters (CharacterEncoding etc). No success!

Disable JAAS shouldn’t be the problem, or ?

If i remove the appended attribute it works like a charm.

Thanks, thanks for your help.