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// UPDATE///

Wuuuh, scary scary scary things happens here:

in my parallel demo test project following happens:


<url-mapping id="printName">
<pattern value="/page1/name/#{ name: }" />
<view-id value="/ugly/uglier/page1.xhtml" />

<url-mapping id="page1">
<pattern value="/page1/" />
<view-id value="/ugly/uglier/page1.xhtml" />

<url-mapping id="page2">
<pattern value="/page2/" />
<view-id value="/really/really/ugly/page2.xhtml" />

and my RequestScoped Bean:

private String name;

public String getName() {
return name;

public void setName(String name) { = name;

public void loadName(){
// do some db select stuff
if(name != null && !name.isEmpty()){
name = name.concat(" 123 ");

so if i open the following url:


the url gets modified to:

/prettyfaces-codi-test/page1/name/fred 123 ?windowId=642&name=fred

and output in xhtml is:

freddy 123 123

wtf …..

regards, glister

regards, glister