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Hey Christian,

i set isAddWindowIdToActionUrlsEnabled to false :

config implementation: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.cdi.core.api.scope.conversation.config.WindowContextConfig
method: isUrlParameterSupported
value: true
method: isUnknownWindowIdsAllowed
value: false
method: isAddWindowIdToActionUrlsEnabled
value: false

no success, id gets appended…. :(

after disabling ParameterSupport, everything works as excepted. :) but without windowId.

in the meantime i created a small CODI-PrimeFaces-PrettyFaces-OmniFaces project. everything works like a charm. :(((((

maybe there are some conflicts with faces-config and pretty-config. (but defined prettyfilter at first)

i can’t debug the project correctly because the sources of prettyfaces didn’t get recognized by Netbeans. i downloaded the src files from maven but if i open a class file, netbeans shows compiled src.

could it help to implement a phaselistener for debugging ???

regards, glister