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I just had a quick look at the blog post you mentioned. It looks like the _adf.ctrl-state parameter is included in the URL as a query parameter AND is included in the HTML forms, correct?

Alternatively if the user tries to trick the server by copying the URL from another tab with the _adf.ctrl-state variable in the URL, but obviously missing a payload containing the _adf.ctrl-state form parameter and the Adf-Window-Id parameter, again ADF is smart enough to detect this as a new browser tab and spawns a new PageFlowScope bean.

A good starting point for you would be to check this:

  1. Do the links rendered to the HTML page contain the ADF parameter? If the parameter is append correctly, the outbound rewriting don’t seem to be a problem.
  2. If 1. works correctly the problem could be caused by the inbound part. If a PrettyFaces URL including the ADF parameter hits the PrettyFilter, the request will be internally forwarded to the JSF view but this should not have any effect on the query parameter and it should still be accessible from the HttpServletRequest

Regarding your clarification: Yes, with “later” I referred in the processOutbound() method calls for the same request. But you are right. If you still find the ADF parameter in the request, you won’t have to save it in the request.