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Hi Christian,

I appreciate your and Lincoln’s time and patience on this.

I believe all of your assumptions regarding ADF are correct.

For my own clarification, what is being said is:

>> Out of the box, expected behavior is that the ADF “_adf.ctrl-state” query param should be persisted between requests

>> If a workaround is required, appending the param onto the outbound links inside the processOutbound() method in this manner reasonable

>> Avoiding this hack is, of course, preferable and determining where/how/why the parameter is being lost is the key to getting it to work as expected

I will continue digging to determine where the parameter is being lost. I do know that ADF embeds the parameters and their values within the form tag in HTML so they can be used on the next request (see here:, so maybe that’s a starting point.

*** One point of clarification on my previous post, the first time the request object contains the param “_adf.ctrl-state” is actually on the third processInbound() and not the subsequent processOutbound(). This means that when rewriting outbound links, the ADF param is available for me in the request object. Regarding your comment on Lincoln’s idea, you say “it would make sense to store it as an attribute in the request so you can easily retrieve it later.” By “later,” I am assuming you mean later in the existing request and not subsequent requests. If so, the param and its value are already available to me when rewriting outbound links and I do not have a need to save the param.