Re: 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 migration url rewrite problem

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The rule from your last post will definitively redirect because it matches “/testimonials/“. So this is expected behavior.

The first rule from your first post doesn’t match “/testimonials/“. But the problem here is that your mapping forwards “/testimonials/” to “/testimonials.html“. Therefore the request is hit by the rewrite engine a second time. The second time the rewrite engine sees the URL “/testimonials.html” which matches your rule. Therefore you are getting the redirect.

To be honest, I think that your rule previously only worked because there was a bug in the rewrite engine that caused the rewrite engine to work on the wrong URL on the second hit. We fixed this in 3.3.1 so you are running in the situation as described in the second paragraph.

You could argue that it doesn’t make sense that the rewrite engine processes the forwarded request. And it may indeed not be optimal that it currently does so, but I’m unsure what implications it may have if we change this.

Perhaps you could create a ticket for this. I’m meeting Lincoln next week. Perhaps we find some time to discuss this.

Anyway, thanks for reporting this.