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I think you’re right about using the native jsf configurations – it’s certainly thrown no obstacles. My prime issue with it is that it’s not inheritable – the <f:metadata> section must be declared in the view to which it pertains, not in a parent view.

I had hoped to be able to use @RequestAction in a similar way to @PostConstruct – my DepartmentDetailWebBean makes no sense without having loaded the department. However, because that seems to bind the Join rule to the bean rather than the view, every time I evaluate the join rule I end up invoking the RequestAction, which is not a desired outcome (e.g., going to /department/bar/ tries to load the department bar, even if I’ve already done a dispatch to a new view because bar doesn’t exist).

When I use the <f:metadata> however, and the rule is bound to the view rather than a bean, when evaluating the rule I don’t invoke the <f:viewaction> (nor the setter on the <f:viewparam>.

So, things are working entirely as designed it would appear, just not as desired. Thanks for helping guiding my thoughts!