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Hi Christian,

I’m afraid I wont be able to explain what I’ve changed)) I spent several hours understanding the code in vain, and finally decided to rewrite the recursion from scratch. I think there is a bug in calculating relative path, most probably because it’s always been doing with respect to /WEB-IN/classes/ folder. I just reproduced the recursion and left comments on code variables and their resulting values. As I said, it works correctly for both WL and GF, but definitely requires more thorough testing, involving other server platforms. I’d appreciate it very much if you (we) could solve this issue. Either by testing and implementing my source code or, and this’d be pure WL bugfix, by using your code with a simple preliminary check on /WEB-IN/classes/ right in the public void findClasses(ClassVisitor visitor) – empty or not, if empty then exit w/o recursion.