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It’s an <h:commendLink> with includeViewParams=true.
It’s like the following:

<h:commandLink id="viewArticleDetails" action="#{ArticleController.viewArticleByID()}" styleClass="view-details">
                                                            <h:outputText value="View Details"/>
                                                            <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{}" value="#{item.ArticleId}"/>
                                                            <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{}" value="#{item.ArticleId}"/>

In ArticleController.viewArticleByID() method I have:
return "View_Article?faces-redirect=true&includeViewParams=true";

This returns the results I posted in my previous post. I want my view pages to be bookmarkable by including view_params like ArticlesApp/en/View_Article?id=1 but they become URLs like ArticlesApp/en/View_Article and so you cannot copy this URL and paste it in the address bar and view an Article.

I hope I’ve been clear.
Please let me know if I am not.

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