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    my site uses JSF and the url appears to be,

    I am using prettyfaces, so if I use the following in pretty-config.xml, i can change the name to

    <url-mapping id=”home”>

    <pattern value=”/home” />

    <view-id value=”/faces/home.xhtml” />


    my questions are

    how can i remove the application name wompower6 , so that the url becomes ?

    in my web.xml, i have home.xhtml, but this does not seem to work. When i type,, it does not get mapped to home.xhtml. any clue here?

    Note: I have posted the same question in stackoverflow, but considering this would be most apprpriate to post here, I have repeated my question here.


    The part of the URL that you want to remove is the context path of your application. PrettyFaces cannot change the context path because it is assigned for application by the container.

    But you can easily configure some other context path for your application. But how to do this depends on the container you are using. In case of Apache Tomcat for example you just have to name the WAR file you are deploying ROOT.war.

    What container do you use?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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